Remnants of the Past, Visions of the Future

October 28, 2015

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Aware of a popular trend in the country in which items from houses being torn down are turned in to pieces of art, Seeds of Sharptown’s founder Michael Prentice mused that it would be a game changer to use an entire property as an art installation. When a neglected house became available, Prentice jumped at the opportunity to create a cultural event that would catch the eye of the city’s civic, business, and education communities, and have them take notice of Sharpstown with a new viewpoint.

Prentice chose artist Alexander Squier to take the helm in designing something with a “wow” factor that would make people react in two ways – that they are seeing a unique work of art, and secondly, bringing a new level of awareness to Sharpstown. Given free reign, Squier turned the derelict property into an exceptional phenomenon. Everything found in the installation was constructed from items exclusively found in the house or on the property. Approaching it as an archaeological exploration, Squier’s inspiring work garnered attention from the media that went beyond the greater Houston area. Here's a link to his website.