• Seeds of Sharpstown (as MPVP Holdings LLC) purchases first home in February in Section One – the first area built in 1955


  • Wanting to test the real estate market, Seeds of Sharpstown purchases a property in Section Two with the goal of building it to be sold. Renovations begin toward the end of the year.


  • The renovated home on Carvel is finished, put on the market in April and is sold within four days setting a Sharpstown price point record of $375,000.
  • Recognizing a need to draw more positive attention to the Sharpstown area, Seeds of Sharpstown recruits artist Alexander Squier to turn one of the houses scheduled for demolition into an art piece.
  • Entitled “Remnants of the past, Visions of the future,” it results in a wide range of media coverage including live TV segments during the news cycle.


  • Two homes in the portfolio are renovated to be sold as Seeds of Sharpstown continues to test the real estate market.
  • A house on Stroud in Section One sells for a then-record $390,000 - only to see the record broken two months later with a second home (located in Section Two) selling for $450,000. Real Estate professionals begin to take more notice of Sharpstown.
  • A second art event occurs using one of the properties scheduled for demolition. Using a house that had suffered major fire damage, the internationally acclaimed Havel Ruck Projects turn it into an amazing art piece entitled “Sharp” which brings throngs of visitors from all over Houston.


  • The Sharpstown Prize for Architecture is created.
  • Continuing with its unique marketing event efforts, Seeds of Sharpstown enters into an agreement with the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston.
  • Graduate-level students enrolled in a special studio class will compete with designs for a house of the future using one of Seeds of Sharpstown’s vacant properties.  The competition begins in August and will conclude with a winner chosen in November. Setting yet another groundbreaking milestone, the winning design will be built in 2018 by Seeds of Sharpstown and its corporate partners.
  • The winning design - "The Screen House" - is awarded to Tanmay Thakker on November 27, 2017.


  • KUHF, Houston’s local National Public Radio station, features Sharpstown Prize for Architecture winner Tanmay Thakker and University of Houston architecture professor Rafael Longoria as part of the UH Moment series.
  • Initial planning phase for the construction is underway with blue prints and engineering plans in the permitting and approval stage.